Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pollution in the UAE

Pollution defined as the addition of energy to the environment which increases faster than the environment can accommodate. The UAE faces different types of pollution which impact the environment negatively. They try to reduce the negative influence by many steps. According to Dubai and air pollution article “The Environmental Protection and Safety Section (EPSS) of the Dubai government began air monitoring in 1988 for basic air pollution programs and updated their monitoring programs in 1993 and 1994”.  Vehicles and industries are the biggest pollution sources in the UAE, due to the huge number of vehicles and the industries in the small area. This essay will talk about air pollution which is one of most harmful types of pollution in the UAE.
Air pollution is a problem that people need to be aware about. There are two main sources of air pollution in the UAE such as vehicle exhausts and industry smoke. According to Mohammed N Al Khan, the thick smog in the last three years leads to a spike in health care which came from the vehicle exhausts (Khan, 2008 ). Moreover, the transport sector alone increases the air pollution which costs 5 billion to protect people from health problems (Khan, 2008 ). Furthermore, the automobiles in the UAE are significantly increased which also increases the trips (Dubai and Air Pollution). This shows how much the automobile emission problems in the UAE need to be controlled. In addition, industries also contribute to the air pollution where the impact of their pollution is hard to deal with. Sulphur dioxide and particulate matter are causing concern when they exceed the air pollution limit in the UAE (U.A.E. Air Pollution Control Laws, 2008 ). Air pollution causes many diseases such as asthma, cystic fibrosis and lung cancer.
There are several steps that the UAE takes to reduce the impact of vehicle and industry pollution in the air. The governments gather information about the level of pollution in the air. That shows how the UAE government is aware about the pollution problem. After that, they start the first step where they try to reduce the sulphur in diesel (U.A.E. Air Pollution Control Laws, 2008 ). Moreover, they try to use green engine oil which is a type of eco- friendly product. They also pass laws for all industries to reduce their negative impact in the environment. In addition, the EAD (Environmental Protection Agency-Abu Dhabi) was established in 1996(U.A.E. Air Pollution Control Laws, 2008 ). Their responsibilities are “for assisting the Federal Environmental Agency and the UAE Ministry of the Environment and Water, in making sure the laws are implemented” (U.A.E. Air Pollution Control Laws, 2008 ). There are some people who have responsibility to make sure the company follows the law.
In conclusion, air pollution is one of big pollution types that impact the environment negatively in UAE. The main two solution resources in the UAE as the government see are vehicles and industries. Their impact is harmful on the atmosphere. The governments try to reduce this impact by many steps. Pollution is a situation which needs big steps from all countries and people to reduce their impact which affects our organism.


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